My Computer Science Graduate Program at ASU

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Four years of my undergraduate study have exposed me to a plethora of sub disciplines in Computer Science because of which my knowledge is not limited to any particular topic. However, a graduate study in Computer Science will help me increase my knowledge in areas which are of particular interest to me. My primary interests lie in the fields of Data Mining and Machine Learning. I believe pursuing a graduate program at XYZ University will be the ideal step towards fulfilling my career aspirations.
My interest for Computer Science stems from a deep flair in the subject of Mathematics. Problem Solving has always been my forte –the fact that I secured 100% in Mathematics at my grade 10 examinations and have regularly performed well in Mathematics Olympiads stands a testimony to this. This explains my interests in mathematics, programming and computing in general. The decision to read computer science was therefore a simple one.
During my undergraduate level, I had started to have a penchant for the courses related to Mathematics. I relished studying subjects like Theoretical Computer Science, Software Testing, Cryptography and Data Mining. During the course of my Bachelor’s degree, I worked on several projects. I developed an online payroll system using Java Servlets and Oracle Database. In another project, I designed a system on Building Construction which was subsequently tested using Rational Rose software. Each of the projects was team oriented; with tasks split down so that one or more team members can contribute. Overall, these projects have provided useful experiences allowing me to understand undergraduate level implementation.
The attraction for Data Mining for me lies in its pervasiveness into many areas ranging from health...

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...f Hasan Davulcu in the areas of Data Mining, Text Mining and Information Retrieval. It directly correlates with my intended research areas and I desire to contribute to their research by working with them.
At present I am at a position in my career where I intend to utilise my academic knowledge coupled with my hard work and commitment to move on to the next phase of my life. My goal is to produce meaningful work in the area of Data Mining, building on the solid foundation I have created in my undergraduate pursuits .I take this opportunity to request for suitable financial assistance and assistantship from the department and the university. Arizona University offers me a great opportunity to prove my potential and studying at such an institution will help me achieve my career plans. If given a chance, I shall strive to justify such confidence a selection warrants.

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