My College Experience: My Experience For High School

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High school has been an irreplaceable experience for me. It has been a very hilly road with many ups and downs. I look back to freshman year and it is hard to believe that in only a couple months I will have reached my first destination out of many more. I feel like my high school experience has prepared me very well for college. Overall, I feel like I have been equipped for not only college, but also life as a whole. I have learned how to work with others and express what I think in a respectful manner. I have developed great skills and have found the real me. My experiences are the ones that have molded me into the confident person I am now. My aspiration has always been to be the first in my family to finish high school. By achieving this I will create great motivation for the young people around me. The idea of being able to inspire others by being the first to graduate keeps me motivated to do better. I was once told "We were born in poverty and in poverty we die...” this made me realize that I did not just want to be a high school graduate working in a grocery store for the rest of my life. Simply because I was born in a household with a low income did not mean I could not pursue a career. This gave me motivation to change the “label” society had given me to one of…show more content…
The setting I was used to being in change completely because I knew nobody and did have much confidence in myself. The intensity of school work got harder and not having anyone at home to help me made things feel impossible. In some part I am glad things worked out this way because it forced me to improve my independent and study skills. The school years following freshman year were much better. I knew almost everyone in the school, which made me not feel lonely and I started to have more free time. This made it easier for me to get my work completed during school and not have to stay after school as much as the previous

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