My College Choice Process : Attending A Public

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My College Choice Process: Attending a Public, Four-Year University Background As a low-income student in high school, I used my application fee waivers, to apply to four Cal State Universities and four University of California schools. I did not apply to any private universities, for the simple fact that I lacked guidance and information about the schools as well as the probability that I would be accepted to such schools. When I was denied from my top choice (the University of California, Los Angeles), I decided to attend the best school I was accepted to—the University of California, Santa Barbara. In the following section, I will discuss the individual, societal and cultural influences in my college choice process that led to my decision to attend UCSB. My College Choice Process Influences Individual Influences As Tremblay (DATE) notes, the schools students choose to apply to are reflective of the type of high school they attended. Because I went to a low-performing public high school, it comes as no surprise that I only applied to public schools. While I was not exposed to man...
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