My Classroom Management Plan For My Kindergarten Class

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While being an elementary school teacher is significantly rewarding it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, especially as a Christian teacher. As a Christian teacher, along with the standard responsibilities, we have a responsibility to God as we are not only responsible for guiding our students academically, but we must instill Christian values by leading by example all while being respectful of school regulations and the beliefs of others. By having a well prepared classroom management plan we are able to maintain good time management and encourage a positive learning environment as we are able to not only reach all of our students, but are prepared for the unexpected. The following paper discusses the many facets of my classroom management plan for my kindergarten class along with detailed descriptions and pictorial examples. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT PLAN 3 Dream Big, Dream Loud, Be Proud! In a today’s world where segregation is on the rise, Christianity is not only mocked, but denounced, and our amendments are not only misrepresented, but misused, and a change is dire. As per the scripture, we must dare to dream big, shout our dreams and beliefs from the rooftops, and we should do this proudly, for our Lord is there to guide and protect us through any and all circumstances. As the Apostle Joshua testifies “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD, your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9 ESV). Philosophy: Our children, our students, are our future. As today’s classrooms are filled with a plethora of diversities; from ethnic, cultural, learning, to socioeconomic many social challenges, which can lead to self-doubt and/or low ... ... middle of paper ... However, there are a few with some limitations. One of the students has CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT PLAN 5 a significant speech impediment. While, doctors have ruled out any hearing loss as the cause, which is apparent as the student is responsive to natural sound his speech is significantly limited. He is currently seeing the Speech Pathologist in our school 3 days a week to address his speech disorder. There is another student whose parents both work, his mother is a nurse and his father owns relatively successful small computer business. While his speech is at an appropriate level for his age, he has trouble communicating. Instead of using his language skills to communicate with the other students he oftentimes is aggressive and will use violence when he does not like something or does not want another classmate around and has displayed bullying like behavior.
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