My Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan

A. Theoretical Introduction

1. Philosophy of classroom management

My philosophy of classroom management can be compared, in many respects, to the construction of a building. The effectiveness of my classroom throughout the school year will depend upon the early establishment of a strong “foundation.” Three elements, in particular, are key to ensuring that this foundation is set firmly upon solid ground.

First, it is essential that expectations and classroom rules be established with considerable student input during the first days of the year. The specific objectives of that process will be discussed in greater detail later in this plan. Second, it is critical that a positive, healthy classroom environment be created at the very beginning of the school year. The environment I seek in this regard is influenced primarily by the theories of William Glasser which will be discussed further later in this section. And third, it is important that adequate time be invested early in the school year for students to learn and practice those skills that will ensure effective technical management techniques. Student’s proficiency in responding to my cues, directions and signals in a timely, consistent fashion will pay dividends throughout the school year in the form of valuable learning time not lost.

Once this “foundation” has been firmly established, we can then – and only then - begin to build upon it with confidence. Much like the case of constructing an actual building, though, it is important that conscious steps be taken to maintain the structure throughout the school year to prevent its deterioration with the passage of time. For this reason, my philoso...

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... remainder of the class proceeds without incident.

Following completion of the group exercise and the sharing of several group’s ideas, I conclude the class with a brief summary of what we learned today, and provide students with their homework assignment in preparation for the next day’s class. The purpose of the assignment is to enable students to practice today’s learning’s independently. This work will be reviewed in our next class session. The elapsed time for this segment is approximately five minutes. At its conclusion, the bell rings and students depart from the class after sharing brief “good byes” and “see you tomorrow’s.” It hardly seems possible that the period has passed so quickly, but I again take satisfaction from the feeling that our time together was effective, and has resulted in student’s truly learning something useful from the day’s class.

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