My Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan

A. Theoretical Introduction

1. Philosophy of Classroom Management

My philosophy of classroom management is that it should be used to meet both the students’ and the teacher’s needs. It should be constantly evaluated and re-evaluated in order to maintain an environment that is effective for both learning and teaching. An effective classroom management plan will enable the students and the teacher to respect each other. It is important in order for classroom organization and for efficiency in teaching.

Effective classroom management begins with the teacher. The teacher must plan well so that the students will be able to meet their learning and behavior objectives. A good lesson plan will help the students to feel a need to learn the material and will help them maintain positive behavior. It is also important for the teacher to deliver the lesson plans well. In order to not have classroom management problems, the teacher must be sure to teach for each type of learning style of the students. The topics should be relevant to the students’ lives and should keep them interested. In order to prevent misbehavior and to keep students focused, the teacher needs to keep the lesson going and progressing.

2. Assumptions of the Nature of Young People and Learning

I have assumptions about the nature of young people and learning. I feel that most young people today are externally motivated. They engage in most activities because of external motivations such as being rewarded for their actions or out of fear of losing these rewards or being punished. However, I also feel that humans are basically good. Therefore, as Rogers argues, we would develop into self-responsible pe...

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... For the students who learned the lesson quickly, they have the opportunity to teach it to the other students in their lab groups. Therefore, the students who need more help are able to get it initially from their peers. As I monitor the groups, I also help the students who need more assistance as well.

I again stand at the door, waiting for my next group of students to arrive. I see some of them walking towards me down the hall. Our eyes meet and we smile at each other. As they approach the door, I say “Hi” and ask them how Mr. Hansen’s class was today, since I know that that is the class they are coming from. They respond as well as ask me how my day has been, enter the classroom, begin to get their materials ready, and being responding to the daily review question in their journals. We are all prepared and ready for another period of learning and fun.
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