My Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan

Theoretical Introduction:

Classroom Empowerment

Classroom management has garnered a negative connotation over the years. I intend on rectifying its notoriety with the help of my students. Although the term “management” accurately reflects the systematic, intentional, and multi-faceted elements of maintaining a successful classroom, another word that might supplant it is “empowerment.” As a prospective teacher, I hope to work closely with my students to develop the optimum environment conducive to learning. Accomplishing this will require that we implement a cohesive social contract with logical and relevant consequences tailored for our class, which should solidify our shared expectations and help meet the needs of every member in the class.

The key to having a successful classroom is to build a foundation for respect and caring. Relationships lie at the heart of our existence, and in the field of education, I feel that this is especially true. Often we experience the “problem behaviors” from our students because they feel little to no meaningful connection with us and the information we are trying to teach. As amateur teachers, we exacerbate matters when we take their behavior as a personal attack and refuse to reflect on our own actions that may fuel the behavior, mainly by placing the blame solely on them: “They are just acting out because they have nothing better to do than make my life miserable.” Essentially, this defeatist mentality brings about no results, save for the continuation of the problem.

I will prevent this gap from widening by modeling the principles of responsibility and integrity, and explicitly communicating to the students t...

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...some energy to get you through class time until you get lunch at the cafeteria.” I want Saul to understand that it really is okay to bring some simple snacks to this class as long as he doesn’t leave trash behind. If this persists, I will speak with his parents so that he can wake up earlier and eat a wholesome breakfast, or bring food from home.

I remind my class that the 10 minutes are almost over, and ring the bell when the 10 minutes have passed. The rest of the class is spent on discussing the answers with each other. Since the subject of immortality is a sensitive one, I will provide students the opportunity to discuss why eternal life is meaningful to them according to their religious beliefs. At the end of the period, students talk about the movie and how they would live their lives to the fullest if they chose mortality over being immortal.

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