My Childhood On The Continent Of Africa

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Cheryl Peck’s essay, “Fatso” and David Sedaris’, “Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa” both express some sort of emotion. However, the emotions that are shown between the two essays are quite different. In “Fatso”, you can see emotions such as anger and pain due to the discrimination against heavier people and Peck’s personal experience with her size. In Sedaris’ essay, you see mainly a reveal of being jealous of his partner Hugh, but later on you understand the appreciation he has of his own life. Because of the emotions used while writing the two essays, the writers have the ability of making us feel a certain way towards the subject of each. Although both essays show similarities in emotions to an extent, there are major differences between the two. While in the beginning of both essays, both writers, Peck and Sedaris, are telling us about a time that involves a friend of theirs, Peck chooses to approach her subject by using a sarcastic tone and Sedaris chooses a more practical way; reminiscing. Even though both essays have some irony within them, there are de...

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