My Career To Become A Registered Nurse

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The nursing profession has greatly evolved and is well respected in the medical field. To become a Registered Nurse a high degree of knowledge is needed because nurses provide necessary, lifesaving medical skills as well as therapeutic treatments to their patients. Nurses develop relationships with their patients to foster overall well-being while meeting the patients’ health demands. I would like my future occupation to be a Registered Nurse because helping and caring for others is a rewarding career. Nurses are well educated and have various career paths, and nursing provides a fast paced, challenging profession.
Nursing patients to a state of health can be rewarding as a caregiver. Nurses provide holistic care, meaning, not only do they
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To become a Registered Nurse you must complete a four year Bachelors of Science in nursing degree. During this four year degree students are required to take as many as six classes in one semester. Even after completion of the nursing program, education and learning continues to be a big part of nursing. The medical field is ever evolving and evidence to support new health claims is continuously being published. Nurses are responsible for staying up to date on the latest evidenced based best practise guidelines. This well rounded education prepares Registered Nurse for the many professional avenues available. Nurses are involved in almost all medical fields such as geriatrics, mental health, rehabilitation, palliative care, oncology, and even nursing research. Nursing education can be taken further by specializing in a nursing skill such as wound care or a Masters program. Nurse practitioners are very specialized nurses and have similar responsibilities to a physician. Many Registered Nurses are also in managerial positions, whether it be Director of Care at a long term care facility or Clinical Coordinator at a hospital. The in-depth education required to become a Registered Nurse as well as its various professional opportunities makes nursing an appealing career
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