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To be a nurse is the final decision I made for my life ;which I believe a nurse is a career that has more than one meaning , In other words, a nurse has a much measure of importance and idea is impartial to be effective in life. To me, a nurse is a long procedure of education or even career. I made this decision with a strong thought what 's sitting tight for me and where I will be. It took me a long investment, another key point to remember this most the inspiration come from my parents after I settled to a clear choice. When I applied to Columbia Community College I found the final decision is a guarantee for better future, after I assumed everything and what to expect to achieve it. The next step is writing to me is to challenge in life,…show more content…
Some types of nurse are not required to for associate degree, such as, nursing assistants or CNAs aren 't technically nurses and in sense, they 're not but CNAs and nursing assistants overworked and underpaid. According to recent research nursing assistants or CNAs are the lowest type of nursing level but usually, you just need a diploma or GED to become a nursing assistant, however, it takes about 3-4 month course and have higher income ,but this not my point RNs is a career with high education. My future career to be RNs according to website that “RNs (registered nurse ) is a nursing graduated from the nursing program and usually take one of three education paths: a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate’s degree in nursing, or a diploma from an approved nursing program”. My goal to get the bachelor’s degree which all about to develop critical thinking and nursing skills at a higher level, but to get this degree is required me to transfer to a university continue my education. a website that provides me with a lot of information about each college or university ,so the requirement of the GPA ,but still undecided. According to onetonline website that “RNs must relate on-the-job experience, an associate 's degree otherwise it would be difficult to be an RNs also have to be
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