My Career In Hospital Pharmacy

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Starting from a young age, I enjoyed performing experiments, whether it was growing plants and testing the effects of different lighting sources or making borax crystal ornaments. Based on these simple activities alone, I knew that my niche was science. Once the time came around to decide what I wanted to do in my life I spent countless hours researching and asking my mentors for advice. This is when pharmacy piqued my interest, and I came to realize just how much it had impacted my life.

The greatest impact that pharmacy has had on me occurred during a time in my life that will always remain a blur. I was a toddler and very prone to ear infections. According to my mom, there was an interval where I had nine ear infections within a span of twelve months. As I grew older the infections became less frequent but they still persisted. Doctors were concerned and said there was a high chance I
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I am not sure what area of hospital pharmacy I would like to specialize in and am hoping that the experience I obtain during the process of obtaining my Doctor of Pharmacy degree will better prepare me for that decision. My immediate goal upon graduation is to complete a hospital pharmacy residency, and from there to find a steady job. After a few years of working in a hospital pharmacy I would like to do research. Based on my past experiences with the extensive use of antibiotics, I hope to be able to help in the development of new antibiotics. With the rapid increase of antibiotic resistance it is important that the rise of new resistant strains is limited and that the development of new antibiotics continues. I am a firm believer that antibiotics are being overused, but I want the future generations to have the same access to antibiotics that I did when I was a young child. Antibiotics truly can make a difference in someone’s

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