My Career In Computer Science

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In four years at the University of Texas at Dallas, I will be graduating with my degree in Computer Science. To achieve this goal, I will take various steps to ensure my success. Some of these steps include taking major specific classes and complete needed coursework in a timely manner. Rather than taking classes that would be easy, I will need to take classes that will further my knowledge in the computer science field. I chose to major in computer science because it incorporates all my academic interests in one field. It has mathematics, problem solving, physics, and computers. I believe strongly that people should choose a career path that they are passionate about and for me, this is it. Being passionate about my major will also help me…show more content…
I appreciate the fact that there are hundreds of ways to solve the same problem, and they all work fine in their own way. My first exposure to computer science was my brother. He took computer science classes in high school and explained some of the concepts to me. This made me decide to take classes in high school as well. It only took me one class to decide that that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. In high school, I was also a part of the Computer Science UIL team. This meant we would travel to different schools and compete in coding contests. These contests were cool because I could see and talk to people who thought and communicated just like I did. We all loved math, science, and of course coding. The community that I found in UIL was another reason I chose to become a computer science major. I loved the network of communication that was found in these teams. Everyone there was weird and nerdy but related so well. This is also how it will be in the work place. Ultimately, the reason I chose computer science was because I could see myself doing it for the rest of my life. The other career I considered was computer engineering. I wanted to do computer engineering because it was more hands on and still involved math and science. I thought it would be so interesting to design the hardware of a computer and make it more efficient. When taking physics one in high school, I received a small exposure to hardware. I quickly realized that I did not like working with hardware. Computer science is the best choice for me because it involves all my academic interests and provides many career
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