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Growing up in a family of four kids, I have always felt compared to my siblings which made me feel intimidated. I was born and raised in Benin, which is located in West Africa. Benin is a francophone country so all the national schools teach in French. My parents decided to enroll us all into a private English school from childhood.During the first few years I did well, but reaching grade 4 I started fluctuating in my classes. Since I was not doing as well as my sibling, who seemed like geniuses to me, I felt intimidated.
My family and I immigrated to the US in 2012 because of my Dad’s job. He was deployed here to work at the United Nations as an attaché of defense. I attended high school here starting from grade 11. My first year was hard
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Based on my research, it will take me a minimum of 6 years of study to get the license and only a few of those that pursue this career are able to get employed. I concluded by of switching my career to engineering science specifically civil engineering. I picked engineering science because I was good at math and physics. Social studies, literature are just not my forte. It is clear to me now that then, I was not passionate about my studies. I accepted everything my teachers said without questioning or understanding it. This was the reason I could not develop a student-teacher relationship in high school.
Although my dad works at the UN, his disposable income is not enough to pay for our college education. My elder sister had to start at a community, get a transfer scholarship, and then be able to attend the university. I had to do the same. While attending my community college, I made new friends who were ready to help me including the professors. This is where I started enjoying going to school. When studying with my friends, I would ask, “Why is it like this?” I became more inquisitive and interested in understanding how the materials covered in my courses relate to our

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