My Career Goals Of Under Armour

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I always knew what my career goals were when I went into high school. Ever since I was little I wanted to become a professional boxer and also a police officer. I knew that these jobs had a great risk to injury. Even though I didn’t need to go through a full four years of college for my career goals, I wanted to get a business degree just in case I got hurt on the job and for when I retired from those job. The reason why I wanted these career goals was because I wouldn’t find my job entertaining sitting at a desk for the rest of my life. Since I find an interest in sports, I’ve decided to take the career path toward an industry that has something to do with sports and an industry that I always use for athletics. My career goal for joining…show more content…
Kevin Plank changed how athletes dressed forever. He came up with an idea to help keep athletes cool and dry. This industry started out from Kevin’s grandmother’s basement in Washington DC. By the end of 1998, Under Amour opened up their own new headquarters and warehouse in Baltimore. Under Armour is an industry that gives employees 48 hours a week of work and 12 hours for overtime work. Under Armour doesn’t do any business with companies that have forced labor and any company that use children that are younger than 15 years of age. Under Armour produces products for all the right reasons and to help the consumer. They focus on helping athletics improve their general performance in the certain sport. Under Armour is the chosen brand for many athletes of this…show more content…
The VP of brand marketing focuses on growing the brand and driving the sales by delivering consumer focused product launches, such as footwear, apparel and accessories. When becoming a VP of Brand Marketing a skill you will need to perform this job is competitive intelligence. This helps managers determine how to compete better with other competitors, such as Nike. To become a VP of brand marketing for Under Armour requires many skills and abilities. The skills you need to become the VP of the company is to have a reputation for outstanding leadership, team building and recruiting. You must have a passion to win! You must also need consumer and business analytics, consumer segmentation and targeting, and market strategy. You must know how to work Microsoft office. As a brand marketer you have to analyze external opportunities and threats. This includes the Environmental analysis. To become a part of this under Armour team you need to have a clear understanding of everything going on with the products. You will also need to lead a cross functional team with members from each branch of the company. This will also include a supervisory responsibilities. This carries out the responsibilities in agreement with the organizations policies and applicable laws. The responsibilities will include, interviewing, hiring and training employees,
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