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People, all over the world, have lifelong dreams that they hope to fulfill. As kids, everyone has those dream jobs made up in their mind. As a child, my dreams started out with wanting to be a ballerina, to a firefighter, a cook and finally landed, at eight years old, with the decision of going into the medical field. Yes, my dreams of what I wanted to be in the medical field changed over time but I have had my eyes set on pharmacy since I was a junior in high school. Junior year, I was required to take the ASVAB. I scored the highest in the medical areas and pharmacy was one of the listed career paths suggested for me to go into. I did not really look into the job description because I have many medical disabilities, so I had a general…show more content…
Throughout these exercises, we were asked what our goals and interests were along with what other factors led us to choose the profession of pharmacy in exercise 1. My goals included helping patients understand what a medication can do, not only to them but for them as well; and my second goal was to obtain the satisfactory feeling of being able to help others. This second goal is the main reason why I chose the medical field. In life, all I have ever wanted to do was help others live a happier life, and in my mind, in order to live a happy life, you have to be healthy. The interests I have involve it being a part of the medical field and the fact that I can still help save lives. Many people don’t understand that, at times, it is truly the pharmacist who is making sure you are taking the correct medications. They can go through and make sure that they don’t have serious interactions with other medications a patient is already taking. They make sure the dosages are right and that patients are taking the right amount of medication and aren’t getting refills of certain prescriptions that they shouldn’t be out of yet. Other factors that led me to the profession of pharmacy is that I have Crohn’s Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Anemia, Hypolactasia, and Migraines. With having these illnesses, I…show more content…
As of right now, the fields that interest me the most include the Government and Federal Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, and Hospital Pharmacy. They are all different in their own ways and I would love to expand my knowledge on them by shadowing current pharmacists in those fields. Currently, I know two practicing pharmacists who work in the area of community pharmacy. Their names are Sara, head pharmacist at Southgate Lewis Drug, and Rhonda, head pharmacist at Brookings Lewis Drug. With working in the pharmacy field in the past throughout Sioux Falls, South Dakota through Lewis Drug, I have met many older and newer pharmacists. These pharmacists range from working for the company for years and those who have just graduated and are starting their career off with the

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