My Career Choice As A Nurse

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I was only 14. Seeing these kids precede with traditional puberty rites, get pregnant and drowned in filth was all I could think about when I was a month old in my Senior High School up east my home country Ghana- West Africa. I have a lot of great respect for my African traditions and values. Regardless, some traditions I saw the town folks practice, had straight health complications.
There was this period where I witnessed a puberty rites initiation festival. Here, a razor blade was used to bald the hair of a pretty young unwilling adolescent girl. After the turn of this girl, same blade was used for the next performer.
Anger coupled with a sense of urgency in creating awareness to these conventional folks became my sixth sense.
….and that’s how my drive
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But I have come to realize that it is even harder to be a patient.
This makes me tooth-sure of my career choice as a nurse.
Nursing is the one profession which could present a brother, an in-law, a neighbor, a musician, a stranger and others as your patient at any point in time. In addition to health clinics and hospitals, environments for nurses to operate could be children 's schools, workplaces, in all branches of military service and in places of worship. Nursing is universally applicable.
Globalization has come a long way to transform standards. It has extremely remained advantageous to some, particularly to members of the wealthy classes worldwide, while it is often devastating to the poor and disenfranchised.
To improve global health, my first take is that nurses should understand their value and worth in the industry. Since there are many different facets to health care and without the help of each - physicians, the pharmaceutical industry, researchers, and policy makers; there will be no improvement in eliminating health disparity. But it is vital for nurses to understand that they will often be at the very center of giving care to the populations who need it

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