My Career Aspiration For Public Health

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The Schulich Interfaculty MPH Program emphasizes public health leadership, policy and sustainability. What are your career aspirations in public health and how will our MPH facilitate these aspirations? The resilience of human spirit has always awed and inspired me. This was especially true of the single mothers struggling with post-partum depression that I visited on a weekly basis as a part of a public health program. I quickly realized that each of them had an interesting story to tell, and a need for personal interaction and compassion. With each conversation, I learned more about their illness and the impact it had on their lives. The incredible resilience that these women have shown in the face of tragedy and depression both moved and inspired me. It reaffirmed my desires to help people with mental illnesses lead productive and happy lives. In addition, being in the frontlines of this social support network showed me that the best way to do this is through public health initiatives. My career aspiration for public health is to be involved in mental health advocacy, policy and education. Both mental illness and substance abuse remain stigmatized with major gender, racial-ethnic and economic inequalities in access, use and quality of services and support. Therefore, my goal is to collaborate with educational institutions, health organizations and government agencies to create, study, and disseminate interventions that reduce the risk, increase resilience, provide effective treatment, and aid in-long term recovery. In particular, I am interested in creating policies that will help bridge the economic inequalities face by those who experience mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. With these plans in mind, I am current... ... middle of paper ... ...ed the creation of a scholarship fund for undergraduate students in the Department of Physiology. The idea of a scholarship fund came alive because as the Treasurer for the Undergraduate Physiology Students Association, I noticed that profits from past test and merchandise sales have simply been accumulating in the bank. After broaching the subject with the rest of the executive team, I encouraged the creation of a scholarship fund as a way to give back to the physiology student community. I also took the initiative to ensure the long term sustainability of the scholarship fund by working with financial advisors and department faculty. What I learned about teamwork, networking and encouraging people to move in certain directions while collaborating with my team has laid a foundation of initiative and leadership that I can built upon in my time at Western University.
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