My Career As An Early Childhood Teacher

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Education has always been such a huge part of my life. As most American young teenagers do, I spent most of my middle and high school years pretending to take my education for granted, however, I have always known deep down how blessed I 've been to have had the educational upbringing that I was blessed with. Knowing what I do now from a teacher 's perspective, I owe so much to those teachers who pushed me to do better and who supported me in whatever way I needed at the time. In my career as an early childhood teacher, I hope to be one of the teachers that a student can look back and say, "I 'm thankful to have had her as my teacher." Although my decision to pursue my master 's in education is a recent one, teaching has always been my goal, and the past few years as a substitute teacher, summer camp counselor, and informal science educator has secured that fact. I have been lucky enough to have had many different experiences in such a short time as a substitute teacher, and I can sincerely say that I am glad to have had these experiences before deciding to commit to li...
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