My Calling

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“Dreamers of the day come into their own and stay on course when they follow the calling of Christ” (Guinness, pp. 98-99). Every individual is taken on his or her own life journey. We sometimes try to direct our own paths by following our ambitions, hopes, and dreams, but the most fulfilling way to go throughout life is to follow the calling of Christ. Each of us has a calling unique to us leading us to live different lifestyles. Our paths may be different, but our mission is the same. We are firstly, above all, called to be followers of Christ. My “second calling” is to positively influence the lives of teens by using my spiritual gifts, education, and experience in the field of psychology. When I was five years old I asked the Lord to be…show more content…
Calling is not utmost self-fulfillment, it is not personal accomplishment, or just following a career path. Following God’s calling means addressing every fiber of your existence in order to become the you that God has created you to be. To me, my calling is not t be a psychologist, but to help and care for others in an emotional and spiritual level. Yes, I would love to be a psychologist, but my calling is deeper than any one career or job title. “Calling, instead of being an objective standard by which we are led, becomes a power to harness for the sake of gaining our own power—and thus the key to health, wealth, popularity, significance, and peace of mind” (Guinness, p. 94). I plan to use my education and experiences to help me fulfill my calling, but as long as I am living my life in a God-honoring helpful way, I will know I am following my calling. It does not matter if others think I have fulfilled my calling, but rather it matters only if God believes I am following his will. I have a habit of caring too much about what others think when in all reality, it only matters what God thinks of me. He is my audience of…show more content…
Elizabeth Lewis Hall resonated with me deeply. In the book Integrating Faith and Psychology a woman named Elizabeth shared her story as a psychologist. She spoke of her introduction into motherhood and her integration as embodiment. Her becoming a mother caused her to notice her embodiment, the objectification of the female body, and her role as both a mother and psychologist. She explained that she has been called to not only be a mother or only a psychologist, but both. I loved her idea of being able to integrate her faith into her work, which led her to distinguish two separate callings. John 15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” I am going to go and bear fruit for Christ. I am going to follow the calling that Christ has for my life. I am going to embody my calling with every fiber of my body. I am going to continue to learn, love, and tell my story because it is my calling to serve
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