My Brother Studying Business And Economics At University

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Business is such a vital subject and after visting many developing countries I have learnt the fundamentals of a country lie within their economy. I developed a great passion for business after seeing the effect of economic policies on countries and the world. My brother studying business and economics at university gave me the knowledge to explore more into the subject before I studied business related subjects at A level. I have a great passion for reading different types of literature in particular autobiographies, I have read many including Bill Gates, James Caan and Cherie Blair. I also enjoy watching documentaries related to Business such as ‘Game Changers’ on Bloomberg which looks at the business leaders and entrepreneurs who climbed to the top and changed our world. I believe it is of great importance to read about others experiences especially those who are the most successful in society to learn about their skills and core values. My passion for Business stems from a young age. We live in an interesting economic period with the financial crises of 2007/2008 and the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, this shows that we are in a period of uncertainty. I like how business relates to the real world, I recently watched a film called the Crooked E which showed the rise and fall of the company Enron which is known for the corporate fraud and corruption that took place. Studying Economics at A level has heightened my desire to study Business at university. I am particularly fascinated by economic theorists such Adam Smith who has presented so many concepts such as the invisible hand. I recently submitted an essay to the Royal Economic Society as part of a competition, it explored the exportation of drug companies. By undertaking t... ... middle of paper ... ...nd I was acknowledged for being focused, adaptable, and self directed with ability to manage multiple tasks. My work experience along with my academic education at School, has given me the extra discipline and skills to prioritise my workload and meet deadlines. I am keen to apply my problem-solving skills at university, and I am looking forward to it. I think I have many great qualities that will enable me to become a star pupil at university. I have excellent organisational and time management skills and enjoy working with people. All the above qualities will aid me at university, and I am more than willing to devote myself to the hard work required in order to qualify for outstanding results. I am overjoyed by the prospect of facing new challenges at university; I have the determination and potential to be successful and I aim for excellence in everything I do.
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