My Bloody Valentine

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I arise to the sound of bluebirds singing a sweet melodic tune outside of my bedroom window. I stretch and yawn as my maid, Clara, comes rushing into the room. As Clara pulls open the curtains sunlight illuminates my room and reflects off of the tiny dust particles floating around, making them look like starlight. I could just sit here in this tranquil place and watch life go by me forever. Unfortunately I cannot. I sit up and watch Clara as she runs around the room in an unorderly fashion picking up clothes and jewellery I flung across the floor last night. I came storming in here utterly frustrated at Mother and Father after the discussion we had after dinner and and how I am old enough now to be accepted into society and find a husband. I watch my maid for ten minutes longer as she assesses my gown she had picked out for me to wear today. It is white with blue flowers embroidered all over the skirt. The bodice was simple yet elegant with blue lace climbing up like the roses that scale the walls of our courtyard. The sleeves come all the way down to my wrist and fan out at the bot...
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