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My Best Friends Being raised by my great grandparents was truly a blessing and a curse. In elementary school, I struggled with family issues that ended up with me and my older sister to live with our great grandparents. They were the epitome of role models. I always looked forward to coming home to them and helping them out with their cute daily activities that they had planned for that day. Gus, my great grandfather, was retired by the time I lived with him and had a part-time job at the local market as a gardener. My sister and I loved tagging along with him to help out. We got to water the plants and play with the dog that the owner always brought with him, and in return for our hard work, we were paid in candy. With my great grandparents…show more content…
Shortly after my family found, out he started chemotherapy. His hair, skin, attitude and mood was completely changed and I was slowly starting to get uncomfortable with the way he looked. It scared me and I knew there was nothing I could do about it. It became so bad to the point where I didn’t want to hug him anymore. I was disgusted with myself and my family started to notice that I was distancing myself with him. They would force me to be affectionate towards him, which I hated every second of but I now understand why it was so important at the time. The quiet hours at my great grandparents house consisted of the spanish soap opera, telenovela. I would lay in my great grandmother’s bed, since they had to separate their beds when the treatment started, and I would remind her to take her insulin after the show ended. My great grandmother was from Mexico, and her family immigrated to Nevada. Her family was very poor and uneducated. Which explains why she did not pay so much attention to her health. As she came to her late 70’s when I was in fourth grade, she started to get really sick and was occasionally in the

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