My Best Friend 's Birthday Party

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Teens always believes / believed that our moms want us to be looked up at home . That 's not always the case . Wanting to go to my best friend 's birthday party , I did all my chores that were assigned to me and I was on my best behavior . I did all my duties , so my mom would give me permission to go out that Saturday night . Once I had finished everything I had to do , I had gone up to my room . I called my best friend and we started to talk about how amazing the party was going to be , how all the people we liked were going to be there , and how great the night was going to be if I would go . Once I had hung up on her , I started to get ready to go . My mom walked in the room and asked me who I was getting ready to go out . I had mentioned the party weeks ago , . So she clearly had forgotten about it and was asking me the same questions as she always does when I want to go out somewhere . When I had finished answering all the questions again , she had looked at me , and calmly but with a big smile on her face she told me " You 're not going to that party and that 's final . And if I catch you sneaking out , you 're in more trouble . You will be grounded for a whole month . " Dang I wouldn 't be able to go a whole month being grounded . I couldn 't go a whole month without my phone . Since my best friend was in college and I was in high school , texting and phone calls were the only way we were able to plan our girls ' night out . Since they said no I thought the more that I bugged them I would be able to convince them to say yes . I keep walking by my parent 's room , playing around with them , bugging them ever second , and asking them if they needed anything . So they would notice that I was being good . Jumping on their bed... ... middle of paper ... ...scribe how the accident had happened I would stop them right away . I didn 't want to know how I would have died if I had gone . Just the thought and fact that I was close to just going made me cry . But the first thing I thought was that thanks to my mom I was alive . Once I had gotten home I was crying my eyes out . I went to my mom and thanked her for knowing that it was a bad idea to go out . They only thing I was able to say was " mothering do know the best for their children " . I learned that our parents don 't let us go or tell us these things because they 've been through stuff like this their selves and they don 't want us to do stupid stuff in our life . They want us to be successful in our life . I learned that our parents have a feeling in there gut or heart when things will go bad and we should respect their decisions even though we disagree with them .
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