My Best Friend: The Most Significant Person In My Life

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I was always told that the day I was born, my brother gained his best friend. To look back on the times and troubles with Eric, it truly makes me realize that he is the most influential and significant person in my life. Being four years apart has been the perfect distance in age for us. When I entered high school, he was a senior, and that made for an interesting year. Only being 15, he drove me everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Driving to and from places and just cruising was one of my favorite thing to do with him. We would always blast the music as loud as possible and sing at the top of our lungs. The act of doing something so small with him created one of the greatest memories. Freshman year meant turning fifteen, and turning fifteen…show more content…
My best friend and I wiped makeup all over one girl’s pillow so that when she woke up, her face was covered in black eyeshadow. My mom wasn’t happy we did that. It seemed like Eric was always getting hurt or sick. When he was AGE, he was out shooting guns with my family. There was a frog that he went to shoot and he missed, resulting in him shooting himself in the foot. I remember him hobbling on one foot to my mom and her screaming at the top of her lungs. I thought it was just a joke because we always played pranks on my mom. We rushed him to the hospital where he had to have surgery. Luckily, he’s fine and can walk like it never happened but still will make for a funny story to tell his kids. Living in a small town, out in the country, and with nothing to do, we made our own fun growing up. We used to go on “adventures” and explore my parent’s land. One day after it had snowed a ton, we bundled ourselves up and went walking around. We have a creek that runs through the woods in our backyard. The creek was frozen solid, or at least that’s what we thought. We had been skating back and forth with our boots on, when the ice cracked. The creek wasn’t very deep but compared to my height at the time, it engulfed me. My head never went under but it was a struggle to get me out. But somehow, my brother did it. The walk home that day was so bad and oh so
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