My Best Friend From A Bad Friend

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I wish there was a way that we can detect a good friend from a bad friend before all the hurt and confusion. So many people have been through many friendships throughout high school, but only a few have actually made it to college with their best friends. I thought I had the best best friend in high school, but that all changed once we started to mature. It all began one day at Baker High, my best friend, Natalie, gave me the cold shoulder and stopped talking to me the whole class period. I tried writing her notes, making her laugh, and even helping her with her work but nothing changed. The next class period I asked one of Natalie 's friends, Malarie, what happened and she told me,"She doesn 't want to be your friend anymore." At that moment…show more content…
What did I do? Did I say something that made her mad? I got home and went straight to my room and told my mom that I wasn 't hungry, later that night I tried to fall asleep but my mind was going haywire. We 'd been friends for almost five years and she just wanted to stop being friends for no reason? Something had to have happened. The next day I walked right up to her and asked, "What 's wrong, what did I do for you to stop being my friend?", and she replied with, "I heard you was talking about me." When I heard that I saw red, I would never talk about my best friend to anyone, but what really confused me was that she was my only friend so who could I have said that too? She turned her back to me and ended the conversation, that really hurt but I left, but not without telling her, " You 're my best friend, I could never do that to you. But if you 're willing to believe that maybe this friendship wasn 't meant to be." If she was a real friend she would 've known that I 'd never have done that. I saw her across the hall later that day and she walked pass without glancing my way. She was hanging out with the well-known girls that didn 't like me, I then realized she had stopped being my friend for those girls. From that day on I pick and choose who to start hanging out with because not everyone can be a real and true friend. That 's why I have trust issues, because I told her everything and trusted her and she threw away our friendship like it was trash, when it was supposed to be cherished. I treated her as if she was my sister, but some people have little feelings and that there are people like me that will try their best to be a best friend, who wants a friend that 'll stand by me as I equally stand by them that anyone could wish
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