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Brownie is a stuffed dog that own and he has been my best friend since I was a little kid. Through Brownie I have learned what it means to be a best friend. Brownie has always been there for me to vent my thoughts and feelings to. He has seen how much I 've changed since I was a little kid, and he knows what I have done in my life. Brownie knows how I think when I am happy, or sad. Brownie is also there for me through hard times and he give me courage to get through those hard times. When I was about six, I was spending the night at my grandma 's house. She had a camper van and I was playing inside it one day when I noticed a brown stuffed dog. I really liked the dog so I asked my grandma if I can have it and she said yes. I was really happy…show more content…
I have always seen people with their best friends or someone that has been their friend since they were kids. When I was a kid, my family would move every year, and one year we even moved three times. Since I moved a lot I couldn’t establish long friendships so I would always feel lonely, so I was glad Brownie was there for me. My family stopped moving when I started middle school, I felt happy because I thought I could finally have a friend that lasted longer than a year. I was able to make friends but in the 7th grade I became depressed and I wouldn’t go to school as often as I should have. Only two friends showed concern for me and I told them what was happening. They helped me get better but after a while they stopped talking to me. A couple weeks before 8th grade I started to feel better, but none of my friends wanted to be friends with me anymore because they thought I was weird for being depressed for so long. This made it hard for me to make friends until high school. I made some friends in my freshman and sophomore year of high school. I got depressed again my junior year and the same thing happened as it did in middle school. In my senior year I became friends with this guy named Miguel, we would do things that friends do and we both are going to different colleges so we are keeping in touch. Even though I couldn 't keep a long lasting friendship, I still was influenced by them and I changed a…show more content…
Everybody is always changing, some for the worst, and some for the best. Brownie has seen me change for the worst and for the best numerous times. I was a good kid growing up, I did my homework and my chores and was sort of happy most of the time. When I became depressed, brownie would watch me harm myself, change the color of my hair, and I guess dress like an emo/goth kid even though I mainly wore my pajamas which were black and had holes in them. But he also watched me get better and saw how I changed into a happier looking person. That soon ended in high school. In my first two years of high school I was with the wrong crowd. Brownie watched my collection of stolen merchandise grow and heard all my random thoughts when I would get high. But when I became depressed again, he saw me change into that sad little middle schooler and watched me lose all my friends again. The upside was that I was able to be happy again, stop stealing, doing drugs, and get my life back together just in time for adulthood. I 'm happy that I had Brownie with me through my many changes. I learned that people change a lot, but no matter what they change into, they can always change for the

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