My Best Friend

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When I was in the sixth grade, an event happened where I saw who the person I called my best friend really was for the first time. We hope when the people we trust show their true colors those colors are of beautiful vibrancy. Faith and I were best friends since we first met in park league softball when I was in the second grade. Faith and I were constantly getting in trouble for talking during class. She was easy to talk to and there was never a dull moment, but perhaps the main reason I was friends with Faith was because I thought it was better to be friends with Faith then not because then you were her enemy. I never thought Faith would attempt to get me into serious trouble at school. This event that took place during my sixth grade year…show more content…
I did not think anything of being called out of class as I was not the one who stole the iPod and five dollars. Mr. Hannah, the school principal, met me at the door. “Get your stuff!” he demanded. I then asked the innocent question “Why?” In his mind, this made me a clear target. “Because I told you so!” he bellowed, making me feel as if I was an ant about to be squashed by a towering giant. His tall stature made me feel like I was being suffocated and his piercing dark eyes scrutinized me. “Faith told me that she, you, and Jessica stole that five dollars and an iPod.” The sense of the betrayal made me emotionally drained from nausea and disgust. (I split up the sentence) I couldn’t believe that I ever called Faith a friend who I trusted unconditionally. After I lied for her, she threw me under the bus with her at the first chance she got. I could feel the blood rush to my checks as my anger rose. Mr. Hannah was convinced I was lying and now believed that I was the mastermind behind all the acts of the misdemeanor. As we walked down the hallway, I pleaded that I tried to stop Faith from going through Carlie’s purse and violating her belongings. The walk felt as if traveling into an abyss where there was no turning back. (I took out the labeling) My palms were sweating as I struggled to hold my binder in my shaky hands. When we got to the room, I saw Faith sitting behind a desk, she glanced at me, but quickly turned around when she saw me. Faith sat sheepishly behind the desk looking at me front the corner of her eyes because she couldn’t face me for she knew she was wrong Mr. Hannah finally called over Jessica to ask if I was involved. Out of fear of the same betrayal of Jessica as I received from Faith, I zoned out of the conservation, but was surprised to hear Jessica demand I had nothing to do with it. I looked towards Faith as if by some miracle Faith would help me out by
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