My Baseline Ethics As Moral Principles Of Right And Wrong

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My Baseline Ethics
I would define the term ethics as moral principles of right and wrong. I believe my religion and spirituality have a lot to do with what I view as right or wrong, or as ethical. Also, my religion is Catholic Christian and I strongly believe in God, so when I am faced with an ethical issue I often times think of what God would view as the right thing to do. For example, I believe in the Ten Commandments, and I believe it is wrong to act in ways against these commandments. “You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, and you shall not steal.” These are commandments numbers six through eight and I believe they are ethical and the right thing to do. This often influences my decisions, and makes me want to do better.
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I would like to believe my ethics are strong and clear, but I do not think my ethics should be applied to other people. I think everyone has their own point of view and their own opinions on ethical decisions and stances.
The way I think through an ethical issue is by first having all the facts. Once I have all of the proper information I can then think ethically about the issue at hand. The only ethical action I have taken that I can think of would be holding open the door for an elderly woman. Or helping the elderly when I see the chance, I am always trying to help out when I can. That is something in my morals, it is something that I was taught from a young age; to help out, and respect your elders. I knew this was the right thing to do because of how I was raised, or it may just be human instinct to help someone in need.
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David Hume disagrees with both Kant and Mill, Hume believes it is our experience in life that determines our ethical decision, not logic and reason. I think Hume was absolutely correct about the role of passion in ethics. Emotions, good or bad, encourages people to act upon those emotions in any given situation. I believe this to be true over logic and reason. I believe if you are passionate and care about something/someone, that this will determine how you respond, react, or make an ethical decision, despite logic or reason. Just like in the video we watched about the man saving his sick wife, most of us chose the unethical and illegal thing to do, (steal the medicine) because emotion took play in our

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