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I would like to build my career in banking industry. In this era of up-and-coming technologies I think IT will play major role in my business. Implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), my employees will value the process of high performance by getting knowledge of IT, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and the essential of maintaining good relationships with my customers. First and foremost, SOA can help to cut the IT controls and allows banks to be a joint venture with other banks and with their customers more effectively. SOA helps to solve the business problems, to enlarge multi channels, to build human skills, and make the bank transactions faster and easier. SOA helps to keep up profitability, updating with agility and to keep away from unnecessary risks. ERP supports SOA to run the business smoothly. Banks have to keep daily accounting. With the help of ERP, IT department is able to keep correct accounting and financial data. Consequently, ERP helps to improve the customer service quality which improves customer relationship manager (CRM) and to understand customer requirements. Furthermore, customer feedback database will help my employees to give better service with standard quality.

Furthermore, outsourcing is the other concept that will be beneficial for my business. Business process outsourcing (BPO) helps the bank to improve efficiency and cut the cost. I would like to outsource the need associated with technology that will help to be more flexible, proficient and more rapidly market. It helps to get cheap labor, better quality standard and to get new ideas to grow my business successfully and to exchange technologies.

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...uccessful things to become successful.

 Technology and Human Vulnerability: Growing technology is changing the lifestyle of a human being.

According to me, all the above articles are very informative as well as helpful in gaining technological knowledge in different areas. The one which I got interested in is “Good to Great”. I learned about different technological concepts such as Hedgehog and Flywheel. These concepts are very helpful to me in my business. Furthermore, it explains about the level five managers work style with the humility. Even when many opportunities are available, this helps me in analyzing the decision-making process and its importance. I learned about the different ways to employee motivation and also different job responsibilities of managers. Employee motivation helps them to give their excellence to bring the company good to great.

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