My Autobiography

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The first thing I think about when anyone asks me what my most vivid memory is as a child I think back to those summer days when me and my would have a lie down on her bed at night with the lights off and windows open to escape the heat and mosquitoes we would sit in comfortable silence for about 20 minutes then me being a 8 year old who gets bored easily would ask “mommy how did daddy die?” she would respond by saying “he died a week before you were born visiting us in hospital he was in a car accident. “I had never felt sad about the fact that it was just my mom and I for most of my time as a baby since I knew that I had a clan behind us.

I was one of those people who dreaded my first day of high school considering I had watched the movies and read books about this so called place called high school and my mind had changed completely when I think back to grade 8 all I think about is how sad and lonely I was. I felt like people were insulting me constantly and that I was not welcome anywhere I felt like a battery that didn’t work anymore I had
Lost all the stamina once had pushing me through my darkest days but just by one simple gesture from the person I thought could help the least picked me up again and I once again felt free.

Losing something or someone who you love has to be one of the hardest things the human mind can deal with and it somehow leaves you breathless thinking how long do you have with this piece of your heart until you have to let go at the end of grade 8 I lost my dog called spotty she was a white and brown jack rustle who actually knew her way around any garden as if she had been there in her past life at the age that I got spotty I was afraid of dogs and never came near one so my mom de...

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...e last significant event in my life has got ot be my fist day at st Cyprian’s there I was walking into the boarding house with my suitcases looking for my room and all I can think about is if all of my stuff will fit into such a small confined hour or so passed and it was now time to say bye to my mom no tears were shed but I know my emotions are like a bomb I hold it in for so long until I break.ive always been one to cry in my room alone because I feel that crying in public shows weakness so after a few moments I just think I cant do this but the only thing that motivates me about school is me studying in London in a few years that is what I think about almost everyday and makes me 50% stronger

In conclusion I actually enjoyed my first day of school and these significant events give me so many different emotions but I wouldn’t change any of it at all.
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