My Art Teacher Essay

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Having the ability to shape a student’s life is truly a gift; so many of my art teachers inspired me to follow my dreams. After hearing Taylor Mali’s poem, What Teachers Make, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher: I want to make a difference. Mali spoke with so much passion as he answered the age old question ‘what do teachers make.’ “I make parents see their children for who they are and who they can be,” this quote really moved me because I think in a lot of situations students’ talents are overlooked by their parents (Mali.) My art teachers always had their hand in the community creating sculptures for the local fire department or crocheting hats and baby booties. I feel good teaching shows students how to apply the knowledge they learned. I want to model what they learned so they can apply it to their everyday life. I attend to teach my students to be active members of society and be aware and respectful of others’ culture, and teach them how to apply the skills they learn in art in their everyday life. Art classes throughout kindergarten and up to my junior year in college have taught me so much about expression, performance and making a statement. Learning and practicing art introduces a new way of processing information, and approaching problems. In my…show more content…
I want art to be taken seriously because it is helpful to children’s way of thinking and problem solving that can help in all subjects and way of life. Subjects from math to English have already incorporated art in their teachings by doing hands on projects that better help the students understand the material, so I think that art should do the same as well. My goal as an art teacher is to inform my students about their environment and various cultures around them, let my students explore the possibilities in art careers and show them how art can help them become better problem
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