My Approach To Relationships

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New people. New potential friends. However this brings the question how to maintain, deepen, or terminate a relationship that has become stagnant. Those questions are a starting point in successfully learning how people approach relationships. Thus, this paper focuses on my approach to relationships; in initiating, deepening, maintaining, and terminating. In initiating, my approach would be to first show interest, then approach the person to introduce yourself, give him/her a handshake, and lastly an ice breaker, which could be a remark about the weather or his or her clothing. As I am a shy person, the hardest part for me is to initiate a friendship. What do I say? Usually I show interest, then approach the person, trying to appear cheerful and friendly. Then we exchange greetings. Furthermore, I would also say in regards to initiating a relationship, as Dr. London wrote in his “Notes on Relationships,” “Do not frighten the other” (p. 1 ). In initiating a relationship, a person should not be so friendly that it is frightening or embarrassing.…show more content…
Sharing activities, such as cooking, gulfing, or bowling, or any activity that allows people to spend time together, allows for the relationship to blossom. Many of my relationships blossomed when my friends and I shared activities, such as researching a debate topic, cooking, or doing a skit together. We were all able to learn and grow in our relationships through sharing those activities. In sharing activities, we began to trust each other, disclosing our most personal thoughts, wishes, and dreams with one another. Also, after we were solid in our relationship, we are also able know to differ from each other. In initiating, we focus on our similarities. In deepening, we are able to respect and appreciate our differences, which allows us to be unique in a
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