My America?

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The word “my” is defined as “of or relating to me or myself especially as possessor, agent, object of an action, or familiar person.” I don’t feel that this word correctly describes my relation with our country. If I were to, in any way, have possession of this nation, I would be able to control what goes on; but I’m not. Citizens in general (especially minors) have extremely little control in our government; even adult citizens who can elect their representatives are motivated by false pretenses. Potential voters bombarded by a multitude of facades put on by professional role-players trying to snatch the largest demographic group (?) that they can and coerce them into supporting their candidacy even if the voter's views don't agree with the candidate's. Politics is a land of half-truths and empty promises.

I believe that our government could more truthfully be run “by the people” if we conducted nation-wide votes on all propositions, laws, etc. that would otherwise go through the legislative branch. These referendums, in effect, could be used to eliminate the current legislative branch and replace it with a much larger and more representative one: the American people.I think this would be an interesting think to pilot at the county or state level. The Internet would make it much more feasible today than it would have been even 15 years ago. Although this is quite a radical idea, I feel it would be an improvement to electing representatives with their own personal agendas that can differ largely from their “valiant” causes which are paraded about through the media and are said to be what the candidates stand for. This action would help to reduce the chance of corruption in our government but not completely remedy it. C...

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...but the normal elections we hold every two, four, and six years). I recently went on a field trip to Purdue University where we learned about computer sciences as a career opportunity. This opened my eyes to how appealing careers in that field really are and the great impact the field has on our country. If I am to follow that path maybe one day I can help to improve our voting process.

America is seen as a land of great promise to many people of other countries, but it still has many flaws that show just how greedy and power-hungry our culture is. Once we stop be self-centered and only caring about money then we can run our country fairly and in a true democracy. Until these changes come about, as a normal powerless citizen I will always be America’s me. But whenPerhaps too optimistic? these wrongs are finally righted I will be proud to say “This is my America.”
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