My Air Force Story

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The path my Air Force career has taken is certainly not the one that I expected. I attribute much of that unexpectedness to a simple thing called opportunity. The following pages will discuss those opportunities and their impact. I will begin with my initial decision to pursue a commission and subsequent experience that is undoubtedly my proudest while wearing the Air Force uniform. In closing, I will describe how my particular skills further the Air Force mission and overall goals of national security. The first opportunity presented itself in the form of a commission in the winter of 2004. In the wake of September 11, 2001, although I was one semester from graduating college, I decided that I could not leave the defense of my country solely to the sacrifice of others. Coincidentally this coincided with the Air Force coming to look for me as well in the form of a request for developmental engineers. While pursuing a life in the military was not something that I considered until relatively late in my college years, it was not something that was entirely foreign to me either. Growing up with a father who was a maintainer with the 150th Fighter Squadron in New Mexico, I remember the sense of pride I felt when he went off to serve in Desert Storm. I did not know what many other kid’s fathers did for a living, but I knew mine was doing something immensely important for my country. However, I was not as mechanically inclined as him and had little interest in being a pilot, so I decided to attend college with the intent of becoming a computer engineer. When the local ROTC detachment began advertising that the Air Force was in need of engineers in my discipline, I saw the opportunity to use my specific skills in a unique way... ... middle of paper ... ...chnology. I have the opportunity, as a researcher at the Air Force Research Lab, to play a major role in ensuring that we maintain strategic dominance both as a service and as a nation. The technologies and systems that we are developing today allow our operators to execute their respective missions effectively. Additionally, the advances that we make in the fundamental area of computing science are shaping the policies that govern how the US interacts with an increasingly flat world. In conclusion, my Air Force career to this point has been one of unique opportunities that could have gone untaken. Choosing to exercise the values instilled at a young age, employing my skills in tactical combat situations, and advancing the strategic goals of the Air Force are just a sample of the opportunities that have made up my “Air Force Story.”