My Air Force Story

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The United States Air Force (USAF) is composed of a diverse workforce. Its men and women come from all walks of life and their contributions make the USAF the world’s premier fighting force. I’m a proud member of this dedicated team of professionals. My Air Force story is, but one out of thousands of others illustrating the diverse backgrounds and values our Airmen bring to our force, the experiences that shape our understanding of the profession of arms, and the contributions we make to the Air Force’s mission. The driving force behind the Air Force’s success story is the caliber and diverse background and values of its Airmen. Their diversity and values provide a cadre of well rounded Airmen capable of meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century and beyond. Growing up in a spanish speaking home with Catholic values taught me the value of family, honor, and hard work. These virtues helped shape the man I became and drove my ambitions to joining the military and excelling at every opportunity given. My journey into joining the profession of arms began in March of 2000 when my wife Chrystal, my girlfriend at that time, suggested I join the Air Force. It was an option I had never considered, but the timing was perfect. I was at a crossroad in my life and I was searching for my next challenge. As she shared her father’s stories, her memories as a military brat, and the many benefits of being a servicemember, the seed was planted. Privately I began to ponder if a native Puerto Rican, raised in the Bronx projects, could excel in the military. I had already torn down one family barrier by being the only member in two generations to graduate from college. Now I was tempted by the opportunity, of not only becom... ... middle of paper ... ...d growth opportunities at all levels in the Air Force (Tactical, Operational, and Strategic). This makes my job hectic and demanding and requires great customer service skills. In summary, my Air Force story highlights my journey to becoming an officer in the USAF. It takes into account my Puerto Rican heritage and values and advocates the benefits of maintaining a diverse workforce. My role as a Force Support officer has placed me in situations and enabled the experiences which have shaped my understanding of the profession of arms and better developed me as a leader. Lastly, my contributions to the Air Force mission, at home station or in the area of operations (AOR), have facilitated Airmen at all levels (Tactical, Operational, Strategic) within our Air Force and enabled them to make informed decisions affecting their careers and quality of life.

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