My Air Force Story

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My Air Force story is a mix of childhood experiences and active duty experiences that have culminated in a relatively young six-year career. By looking at my background and values, my most important Air Force experiences, and how my current position fits into the larger Air Force mission, one can see how my Air Force story coalesces into a life of engineering and service. My journey to the Air Force began as a kid, growing up with many relatives that served our community and country. My dad was a Houston Police Officer for 20 years, and showed me what it means to serve honorably and stay an active family man. He sacrificed many personal comforts to spend time with his family while simultaneously working graveyard shifts. He also continued his education to ultimately earn a teaching degree that allowed him to begin a second career in education once he retired from the police department. While I witnessed first-hand the work ethic and daily sacrifices form my Dad, I also was exposed to the historical significance of the service my grandfather gave to the United States. I learned late in his life that he served in the Army during WWII, and participated in many historically significant battles, to include the siege of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. His patriotic service motivated me to seek a career of service in the military. Another career influence came when I was a student in high school. I had always desired to work in engineering and ultimately decided to pursue aerospace engineering due to my interest in aircraft and space flight. Once I began college, I realized the Air Force was the best opportunity for me to both serve my country and practice engineering. My career in the Air Force can be broken d... ... middle of paper ... ...uccess story is a biology experiment that our unit has flown 18 times on the space shuttle. This experiment hardware was re-packaged by the Army into a portable infusion pump that operates independent of gravity. This pump then enables injured soldiers to have IV fluids administered without IV stands, making Medi-vac transport more efficient. Direct lines of Space Test Program successes can also be seen in GPS constellations and other operational space assets that allow the United States to take advantage of the ultimate high ground. As can be seen, my Air Force story began from early family influences, continued to great operational leadership experiences, and is currently in a mode to better the future Air Force through on-orbit experimentation. I can only hope that my Air Force Story of the future will be as important and satisfying as it has been to date.
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