My Air Force Mission

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In this essay I will discuss how my life led me to a career in the United States Air Force, outline my most important experiences while serving, and describe how I contribute to the larger Air Force mission.

My personal Air Force story began with a strong family tradition of military service. My great-uncle, whom I never knew, served as an infantryman during World War I. My grandfather served in the Navy as a flight instructor during World War II, training pilots who went on to win the war against Japan in the Pacific. My father served as a Huey helicopter crew chief and door gunner in the Army during the Vietnam War. After the war, he completed the remainder of his 20-year career in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, flying Medical Evacuation missions in the Huey. My uncle also served in the Army during Vietnam. With such strong examples of service set by men I respected, I decided early in life that I, too, wanted to serve in my nation’s armed forces. The only question was how.

As a child I attended a local air show with my father and came away smitten with aircraft, and the idea of someday being a pilot. The idea of joining the Air Force, which would give me the opportunity to serve in the military while at the same time following my dream of flying airplanes, suited me perfectly. The prospect of a free college education made the idea even better! Throughout high school I devoted my efforts in and out of school to achieving this goal. My pursuit paid off with an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Class of 2004.

After four challenging years at the Academy and a year of Undergraduate Pilot Training, I finally realized my dream of becoming an Air Force Pilot. I was assigned to Vance AFB, Oklahoma as a...

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...ed to the success of America’s foreign policy. I’m proud to be a part of that. Similarly, our squadron’s nuclear airlift mission allows the Air Force to support U.S. strategic arms policy by providing transport for the most sensitive of cargo. The relocation of nuclear weapons, which could destroy whole cities if they fell into the wrong hands, is an awesome responsibility. Our safe execution of that mission allows arms reduction treaties, such as that signed between the U.S. and Russia in April 2010, to be effective instruments of America’s national policy.

In this essay I have explained how my background and values led me to a career in the United States Air Force, my most important experiences while serving, and how my job allows me to contribute to the larger Air Force mission. I look forward to continuing my career in the world’s greatest Air Force.
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