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856 words

As the Executive Officer for the 478th Aeronautical System Wing (478 AESW) I have a unique position of significant influence, ensuring the ability of the USAF to provide Air Dominance well into the 21st century. But, as you will see it has been a winding road that got me here, and a unique set of experiences that have prepared me to serve in this position.

As a young boy growing up in northern Michigan I was always obsessed with military aviation. Like many young boys, model aircraft filled my bedroom, everything from P-51 Mustangs and B-17 Flying Fortresses to F-15 Eagles and the beloved F-117 Nighthawk. It was really the latter of these aircraft that has driven my career and life thus far, and it is was the acknowledgement of this aircraft that drove me to love the Air Force.

As a high school student I had planned on attending the Air Force Academy, but when my then girlfriend (now wife) became pregnant we decided I needed a new plan. With no financial means to go to college on my own I applied for and received and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship to Michigan Technological University. While attending college I was lucky enough to have the experience of becoming Wing Commander, and then Inspector General, both of which allowed me to work directly for our Detachment Commander (an O-6 select). Additionally, I was able to attend many special training courses that providing me opportunities to meet everyone from the Commander of Allied Air Forces Southern Europe to the Secretary of the Air Force. All of these experiences gave me a great insight early on into what senior leadership is really like.

I graduated from ROTC as a Distinguished Graduate which helped me get accepted into the Air Force Institute of T...

... middle of paper ... of so that they can focus on doing their job of providing the war fighter with the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world, the F-22 Raptor. By ensuring these people are empowered, motivated, and properly equipped they are free to focus on their job of producing, acquiring, and delivering this product to the war fighter, and in turn ensuring the USAF and DoD have the critical capabilities of the F-22 available when they are needed.

As you can see it was not a single factor, but a combination of many that led to me join the USAF, and a critical series of opportunities that have led me to the position I now occupy. The unique experiences and expertise I have allow me to help ensure the capabilities of the F-22 Raptor are delivered to the war fighter in a timely and cost-effective manner, thus ensuring the USAF maintains Air Superiority long into the future.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that as the executive officer for the 478th aeronautical system wing (478 aesw), they have a unique position of significant influence, ensuring the usaf's ability to provide air dominance into the 21st century.
  • Explains that as a young boy growing up in northern michigan, they were always obsessed with military aviation. the recognition of these aircraft drove them to love the air force.
  • Narrates how they applied for and received a reserve officer training corps (rotc) scholarship to michigan technological university. while attending college, they had the experience of becoming wing commander, and inspector general.
  • Describes how they graduated from rotc as a distinguished graduate, which helped them get accepted into the air force institute of technology (afit).
  • Describes how they got assigned to the f-22 system program office (spo) but was directed to help all three programs, plus others as they were able.
  • Explains that after becoming the spo executive officer, they transitioned into a wing and were renamed the 478 aesw.
  • Explains that the usaf's stated mission is to fly, fight and win in air, space, and cyberspace.
  • Explains that the f-22 is the world's only 5th generation fighter, providing superior speed, maneuverability, battle-space awareness, and weapons delivery capabilities. the robust nature of its design allows it to be forward deployed to support combat operations anywhere on the globe.
  • Explains that as the executive officer (exec) for the 478 aesw, they have a job of considerable importance for usaf and dod.
  • Explains that the unique experiences and expertise they have allowed them to help ensure the capabilities of the f-22 raptor are delivered to the war fighter in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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