My Adulthood And Childhood

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765 words

My childhood molded and prepared me for adulthood, there was tremendous growth for me between childhood to adulthood. My childhood made me the person I am today. The events that took place in my childhood inspired me to be a better person in my adulthood. Through my stages of growth from childhood to adulthood my responsibilities have shifted, worry and stress differ and emotions have fluctuated to make me the person I am today.
My responsibilities in my childhood were very simple and care free. My chores were to do my homework, wash the dishes, clean my room and vacuum the entire house. I was not responsible for anything or anyone. I was free to be a child and to have fun. I didn’t have to pay any bills and no one was depending on me. I had to make sure I made good grades and graduate high school. My responsibilities in adulthood have shifted to me being responsible for an entire household. I’m responsible for my two sons and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their childhood molded and prepared them for adulthood. the events that took place in childhood inspired them to be a better person in their adult life.
  • Explains that their responsibilities in childhood were simple and care-free. they were free to be a child and to have fun.
  • Narrates how their childhood stress was too much for a child to handle. they had to deal with if they were going to be molested while they slept in their bed.
  • Narrates how their childhood emotions fluctuated daily. they were happy, playful, smiling, and safe, while at night, they were fearful of the unknown.
  • Opines that everyone's childhood is different and you have the option to change your adulthood into whatever you want it to be.

During the day I was happy, playful, smiling and felt safe. At night, I was very fearful of the unknown and I didn’t feel safe at my mom home. I always wanted to sleep over at my cousin house because I felt safe over there. I dreaded going to bed at night and my heart was constantly beating fast. I was an emotional wreck at night and very sad. My emotions didn’t change for the best until my mom left my stepdad. The day she left him, was the day I got a good night sleep. My emotions at night then turned into happiness and I felt safe during the night. The emotions in my adulthood range from happiness, joy, love, excitement and pride. I no longer have the feeling of fear and not being safe at night. I’m grateful to be given an opportunity to be an adult. My emotions are mainly focused on my sons and my husband. My husband has assured me that he will keep me safe. I express my emotions and don’t hold them in anymore. I have nothing but pleasant emotions in my

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