My Academic Journey

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In this essay I shall outline my academic journey from 2005 to present, demonstrating both the positive and negative aspects to my schooling career. This report will also display the significant events throughout the years as well as future aspirations and hopes. In 2005 I began my learning path at the Calamvale Community College Preschool, which is the school I currently attend. From a young age I was praised and rewarded for a gift in which I did not need to work hard to improve nor achieve high results. From preschool I moved onto Grade 1. However at the beginning of that year my teachers and parents decided to advance me to Grade 2 as I was excelling rapidly in the Year 1 curriculum. Though due to my lack of social skills I was made to re-complete Grade 3 and build friendships with students that were of my age and had similar interests to me. From there I cruised through Grade 4 and 5 without effort, yet still managing to be invited to the Academic Awards night each year. However when Grade 6 rolled around I noticed that many of my peers had begun to put effort into their assessment pieces and their effort was beginning to outshine my natural talent. Grade 6 was also the first year in which I did not receive a letter to the Awards Night, which left me disappointed. Once I moved on to Middle School I was selected into the Academic Enrichment POD, also known as Grevillea. Unlike Junior School I was surrounded by 26 other students who had similar or higher intellectual ability to me, therefore instead of the top of the class I was one of the top 5-10 students. Although this was not a poor result, I was unfamiliar with the situation and feeling. Grade 7 was also the year I attempted the entrance exam for Brisbane State High Sc... ... middle of paper ... ...resolve this issue I had to adapt and know my limitations on how much I could do a night, and slowly improve that figure. At first it was very unsteady, with varying results each day, but now I can write up to two paragraphs of an assessment per night, as well as complete up to five smaller tasks. Through the strategies implemented in the past couple of years I have been enabled myself to conquer the challenges I have faced. However this effort would be no use unless there is a future to look to. Once I finish my schooling career I aspire to move to another part of the world and attend a state of the art University. Although I am undecided about a career path, I know that if I receive an opportunity to attend a Queensland Academy, I could achieve the best result that I can work to and allow me to utilise an IB score to seek whatever ever opportunity I wish to take.

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