Muslims, Jews, and Christians Must Embrace Each Other

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Muslims, Jews, and Christians Must Embrace Each Other

From the dawn of creation, God has been and will always be the central

foundation of life. God created man to worship Him, but throughout the ages men have

gone their separate ways to create different ways to worship God. From this separation

many different religions have formed. Each distinct religion has various forms of beliefs.

Although Islam, Judaism, and Christianity established their roots in God, each religion

differs in living out their faith and in their own way discriminates against people with

different beliefs from their own.

Muslims, along with non-Arabs, practice the religion of Islam. Muslims believe

that “Islam has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of God” (Squires).

Muslims feel as if their religion is the only real religion; “anyone who submits

completely to God and worships Him alone is a Muslim“ (Squires). Muslims also believe

that their religion is one of peace, so they try and convert many people to Islam.

One aspect of the Islamic religion deals with salvation. Muslims accept that a

person is saved through their works. Some of their works include “offering prayers five

times a day, giving alms, and making a pilgrimage to Mecca at least one in their lifetime”

(Best). Muslims hold on to their faith in that if they accomplish these different works,

they will be saved and go to heaven. But, by any chance that they live an indifferent life,

Muslims can receive an “automatic ticket to heaven by killing an infidel, someone who

will not convert to Islam” (Best). The Islamic religion believes that Almighty God, or

Allah, shows grace through saving sinners, and through Allah’s grace a sinner may find


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