Muslim Women in the Entertainment Industry

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Muslim Women in the Entertainment Industry Imagine a world immersed in beauty, wealth, gloss, and fame. I may be generalizing, but lets just say it’s a world in which you are born with a streaming talent that most individuals could only dream of. You constantly have hordes of spectators cheering your success and everyone wants to be your friend. The greatest fear of most women seems to be being hideous or lacking capacity and you have no idea what that feels like. Seems spectacular, doesn’t it? If you are a female actress or singer in the North American region then you probably know it is your cluster that I am referring to. Of course, what I talk about are only the optimistic and positive aspects of working in the acting or music career. Now imagine if you will, a world equally embellished world with gloss, beauty, wealth, and fame. However, there is one slight difference: you are incredibly limited in just about everything you do. It seems that your talents are restricted and by the end of the day people think you are exhausted because expressing yourself has never seemed more like a challenge and chore. Perhaps you are not even sure whether you are in love with what you do anymore. The audience you have is no longer only spectators. The world I describe is one that a female Muslim singer or actress knows very well. Discrimination against women in the entertainment industry, especially singers and actresses, is common in the Muslim world. These ladies often find themselves being prejudiced against and picked on simply because they are trying to pursue a career in a field they love but which is also unfortunately ostracized by religious fanatics. It is no surprise that female singers and actresses are slightly discriminated ... ... middle of paper ... ...nterpretations from the holy book of the Quran do not understand that Although Islam is not a discriminating religion and has always been extremely respectful towards its women, it can become rather biased in the area where entertainment and women are concerned. Perhaps this is so because it is overprotective of its women and wants to maintain an overall respectable image. Perhaps it is strict reverence to its past and history that makes Islam so keen on to also see s to be a chief reason why Islam is unhappy with such a of Islam is perhaps In the end, whatever the reason may be, there is no denying the unfairness and inequality that exists in the entertainment business for Muslim women. The issue of dressing modestly and behaving courteously has become such a major issue that Islamic extremists cause an outrage whenever they are displeased with situations.

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