Music for All

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Music for All
“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world” - Martin Luther

Who can listens to music? Today anyone of any class can listen to music by using the internet, going to a concert, or tuning into a radio station; nevertheless, 300 years ago was a different story. Not only did the lack of technology keep people from listing to the radio or internet, commoners did lacked the money to support a concert. Any trained musician would only play for those who were rich enough to afford it. Because of this music was limited because the rich controlled it; however, with the dawning Baroque period music was about to change. Baroque composers like Beethoven and Mozart held a temperament enraged aristocrats and royalty and composed music drew crowds from every field and farm in the area. Theses composers would break the musical barrier while providing music for the commoners, creating new techniques, and founding a base for modern music.
Europe during the Baroque period was not a wealthy country. As rich aristocrats ruled prosperously over their subjects, those who worked basic jobs scraped by. Money that was collected from the poor people through taxes was pumped through the upper levels of society but rarely trickled back down to the poor. Instead the money circled in the upper levels creating a massive influx of wealth. This attracted musicians to the upper levels of society seeking a profit. Born into a middle class family of nine in 1756 Mozart started composing at the age of four. His innate gift for music gained him a position as Konzertmeister, the concertmaster, in the Salzbury Court in 1769. Mozart, however, because of his argues with the archbishop left and tou...

... middle of paper ... from the life and works of the Baroque composers Beethoven and Mozart. By changing the status quo and the musical audience music not only expanded but continued to impacted people long after their composers time. The bad temperament of Beethoven and Mozart created tension in the upper class by composing musical works that did not follow what the royalty wanted. Instead Beethoven and Mozart composed work from the heart and not for money that inspired that those less fortunate in churches all across Europe. Even today modern musicians use the techniques of the classical composers in their works. It was because of composers like Beethoven and Mozart who challenged common practices that music was allowed to advance. Just as their music inspired people 300 years ago their legacy inspires us today, and because of the Baroque composers today we have music for all.
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