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Music Therapy is the use of music to treat a range of conditions either physical or mental (Questia, 2017). It can be used to help a range of conditions such as: autism, mental health (for example anxiety and depression), learning disabilities and neuro disabilities (British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), 2017). This could be proven useful due to its variety of conditions it can help with, it is a very different idea to help people and music in general is very enjoyable and uplifting. It can also be useful for it is a way people can express themselves, there are many cases in which people do not know how to communicate with others or do not like talking about their conditions or how they feel and communication is very important. However, there are many other types of therapy which have more therapeutic value which could make music therapy not very useful which is why my research essay will look at whether music therapy has any real therapeutic value. Music Therapy could have a lot of therapeutic value because music has a very large effect on people suffering from mental health problems socially and emotionally. Music Therapy began in the early twentieth century after World Wars one and two. This was due to the fact many veterans had developed post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and musicians would visit hospitals to perform music to the patients (BBC Radio 3, 2017). Clive Robbins, was a special educations teacher developed a new form of collaborative music-making along with an American composer and pianist called Paul Nordoff in 1959 which was the engage and interact with children who are considered vulnerable and alone, they called it therapy in music (Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, 2011). Clive Robbins went on to sa... ... middle of paper ..., they use music to regulate emotions for people who have mental illnesses such as psychosis (a mental illness that causes people to see things different from anyone else and can include hallucinations or delusions (NHS, 2016) and schizophrenia (a “long term mental health problem” which is severe and causes a variety of psychological problems (NHS, 2016)). For example, a music therapists will sit down with a patient and the patient will play an instrument (improvised) and if they are feeling low or depressed the therapists will start playing music as well, but try to add a more upbeat tune or rhythm to motive the patient and if the patient is over excited (in a negative way) the therapists will try and prompt a calmer softer kind of music to calm the patient down. This is because the patients express how they feel through improvising music (BBC Radio 3, 2017).

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