Music Theory: A Nursing Intervention

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The advancement of the nursing field depends on the continuation of research and the development of a theoretical knowledge base. Middle-range theories help improve nursing research and nursing practice by providing a testable hypothesis as a model for directing further research. “The Theory of Music, Mood and Movement (MMM) to Improve Health Outcomes” discusses the use of music as a method to increase activity levels, improve mood and enhance the overall health of the body. Studies using the MMM theory have been conducted to determine improvements in cardiovascular health, reducing depression, interventions in pain management, treatment of stroke victims and improving the overall care of cancer patients and older adults. The theory is a useful tool to further investigate potential benefits of music and health outcomes across all scopes of nursing practice.
The MMM theory was developed using international physical activity guidelines and the notion that music produces physiological and psychological changes within the body. According to the physical activity guidelines, in order to achieve health benefits it is recommended that adults participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per day, three to five times per week (Murrock & Higgins, 2009). Physical inactivity worldwide has led to an increase in chronic diseases. According to the World Health Organization, following these guidelines will improve symptoms of chronic disease such as hypertension, depression, anxiety, and obesity attributing to better overall health (Murrock & Higgins, 2009). It is therefore important to implement evidence-based strategies to encourage physical activity and improve care.
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