Music Reflection: Exploring The Musical Elements Of Music

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This semester various music elements were analyzed and understood. Through the usage of various musical elements each piece was able to express the composer’s emotions and ideas. The first concert that was attended was composed of classical compositions. It was called: solo and chamber concert. The second concert or performance I attended was Pinocchio. In these concerts various instruments were used to play and express the piece. In addition, singers had their voices accompanied by the piano. The first two pieces were very short. The first piece that was played in the concert was Zart und mit Ausdruck by Schumann Fantasiestucke. In this movement there was constant triplet-rhythm accompaniment in the piano. The rhythm supported the clarinet. The piece consisted was in A minor and moved to arpeggio. However, the piece returns to A minor, but the final harmonic shift is in A major. The second piece was called Voi, che sapete andit was composed by Mozart. The story behind this piece was about a girl being in love. The beginning of piece starts off with…show more content…
2 in Eb Major is an example of a piece in sonata form. This particular sonata form was in a three-movement format. It was first fast then slow then it gradually went to fast again. The mood of the Sonata No. 2 in Eb Major is bright and cherry. The flute enhanced the melody. Sicilienne, the second movement, provides a drastic change in pace. It did this by coming in every two measure phrases while the harpsichord played. The flute carried the melody most of the time. The harpsichord takes over briefly just before a reintroduction to the melody. This movement, while beautiful, is not typical of Bach’s violinistic fashion. The saxophone that played this piece in the concert was able to express some of the emotion in piece, however lacked giving an overall sense of calmness. This family made the piece sound more active, rather than relaxing. Overall, it was not as effective as the
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