Music Producer Production

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When people think of the music business, the first careers that come to their minds are most likely singers, songwriters, and musicians. However important, this is a minuscule amount compared to the many roles that make up the entire music business. A very large role when it comes to music production is the music producer. Working constantly with artists to help them achieve new heights in their careers, producers are always looking to provide their assistance. High quality production means everything. When it comes to their significance, producers can almost literally make or break an artist. A music producer is the heart of a music production or recording, because the quality of the project completely relies on that producer. “Music producers are responsible for the overall production of commercially recorded music.” (ECVG 374) Because music producers oversee all production, they are very important when it comes to being in the studio. The 37th Annual Ed. 2014 Songwriter’s Market tells that producers have the most control of the creativity in the recording studio or on a project (Duncan 161). Specifically, a task that producers perform is helping to decide what should be recorded for a certain project. James Duncan also informs in the book previously mentioned, that producers can help develop and assist artists as well (161). They will most likely specialize in a specific genre so they can narrow down the projects they record. (ECVG 375) In addition, producers will often select the musicians, recording studio, and engineer for an artist and can even co-write for the project. (Duncan 6) They also aid in “mixing.” “Mixing” is another term for “final editing.” Producers accompany the artists, musicians, and engineers to make sure... ... middle of paper ... ...urs involved in creating music.” Without music producers, music would never be as good as it sounds. If people turned on the radio, a song may not have really unique drum lines, interesting back ground harmonies, matchless vocal effects, signature bass licks, or even a classic piano solo. Immediately, producers can know if a Hammond B3 or even bongos need to be tracked for a few empty sounding measures. They decide what needs to go into a recording in order to enhance the song and make it the best it possibly can. Music producers can change music. The quality of each and every project relies on them. Producers are given huge responsibilities because they are trusted to oversee every aspect of every recording. Working diligently, they continue to assist and develop artists all around the planet. Music producers are changing the world of music, one track at a time.
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