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Pianos are such amazingly versatile instruments. They can play fast, fun, and exciting songs, all the way down to slow, peaceful, or gloomy songs. Music can make people calm and relaxed, and also get them pumped up and full of energy. The piano produces music that is different from every other instrument. It has a wide range of sound going from low to high and from soft to loud. Put those sounds in combinations and it could produce music. The piano has a large range of music’s available that most everyone is able to find music that they would like. There are also people who play that have varying levels of talent. From famous pianists such as Mozart and Beethoven, down to beginners such as little children, they all play the piano. Do they do it for fun or is it something else? Some recent studies have shown that there are improvements that people haven’t considered before. “The studies have shown that children in music lessons scored higher in English and math than students who had no music lessons at all…” (Baedeker). So with lessons in music, students could do better in life than without music lessons. With improved academics, they are able to solve problems better and get to college and thus get better jobs. Also, with improved academics, people appear able to juggle more tasks such as athletics and hobbies.
The piano is an instrument that originated from Florence, Italy. Bartolomeo Cristofori was a craftsman who repaired harpsichords. He called the invention he made a “simple keyboard that he called gravecembalo col piano et forte, “keyboard instrument with soft and loud,” (Hoover, Adams, Rucker, and Good). The changes made the instrument able to make more variations than a harpsichord was able to do. People then changed the ...

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