Music Journal: Study of Latin American Music

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This semster, I spent a lot of time appreciating Latin America music, watching videos, and enjoying their beauty in the media center. Some albums such as Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “ACJ Songbook and Carlos Santana’s “Music of the Andes” impressed me deeply. In particular, since I have hectic workload this semester and always feel tired, I become quite relaxed as I listened to Jobim’s “ASJ Songbook”. I really admire its elegence and usually feel refreshed after I leave the media center. In addition, some Tex-Mex tracks gave me a perpective of regional culture of the border along Texas and Mexico. I really learned a lot from from these songs. Carlos Santana is my favorite player. From the videos, I was amazed that he was a really talented and professional musician. He was such a guitar expert that he had already intgrated himself with the guitar and was able to express his emotion from the guitar. I guess he was typical right-brain artistist and was creative to seek breakthrough in his performances. For example, he innovatively switched from fast tempo to a nice, mellow, slow style within ...
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