Music Is Enhanced By Gospel Music

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Music is enhanced by gospel music in several ways. Some might say the meaning in the song or the lyrics enhance/s it. Others might say the melody and the beat enhance it. Few others might say that the cross culture of the music enhance it. But everyone has their own meaning of music enhancing their lives. In this paper I will explain how music is enhanced by gospel music and I will give a repoire of how a certain artist has more than usual enhanced my life through his God-filled/ gospel music.
The meaning normally enhances it in three ways. Whether it is gospel, contemporary, soul, jazz, opera, rock, country, or pop music it all has a meaning. That meaning can tell a story (which is normal), it can bring up old feelings, or it can make you remember a deceased loved one. Gospel is special because it normally tells you of God’s grace and mercy, sometimes it tells you that singers or group’s testimony. In all you get a taste of how their life has been blessed, touched, or uplifted due to the words, meaning, and symbolic language.
Gospel music especially enhances music because it shows testimony. If one person tells their story that means that more will gain the strength and the courage to come forth and discuss their story with others. It also enhances music because in every genre music tells a story; it paints a vivid picture of that artist’s life. You gain a special insight to their life because most of what they rap or sing about is portrayed in at least one or more pieces of music in their albums.
In country, you learn of other symbolic value i.e. certain songs might talk about missing a significant other, some songs might discuss a certain place where a memory came about, and others might just commemorate a life that was l...

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...there was nothing. Spirituals are a huge influence on music because it showed everyday life struggles, trials, and tribulations. That’s all genres beginning. If music was not inherent it would not be important because it mostly adds flavor instead of taking it away. Some may think that it is inherent because a lot of people listen to the beat instead of the words but if that beat was taken away music would still exist due to its rich culture.

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